If none, explain why.
Is this title available according to our standard purchase terms? (Inkwood Books requires at least a 40% discount, free shipping, and that the books be fully returnable. Not sure what this means? Publishers should be able to help with this information.) If your book doesn't meet our standard purchase terms, we require that a book/item be carried per our 60/40 (in your favor) consignment agreement. Once we review your submission, we will talk with you further if consignment seems applicable.
What connections does the author have in the Tampa community, and what networks do you expect to utilize for your event?
For small press or debut authors who want to have an event at Inkwood, the best situation is where you are a customer, you know our staff and our staff knows you. Community connections are the best way to sell your book. Inkwood Books can only help with this if we can can personally recommend your book to customers because you are part of the Inkwood Books community.
Please detail your plans for publicity outreach and describe your strategy for securing media attention (bloggers, radio, print, etc.). Please explain how you plan on achieving this, and be as detailed as possible.
Do you have other events scheduled in Florida or the surrounding area? If so, please list the location(s) and time(s).
Please list any other pertinent information.

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